Holiday Art Class MONDAY 4th JULY

Holiday Art Class MONDAY 4th JULY


Who is the class for? Children 4years +

Where? The Wild Atelier, Blackheath

When? MONDAY 4th July, 10.30-12pm

*Additional days pending.

This holiday art class will be inspired by the natural beauty of WINTER. Using this as a basis for exploration of colour and form and revealing in the magic of how materials interact with one another. There will be elements of both drawing and painting in this class.


This class, while inspired by Winter, will encourage each child to create their own unique artwork by engaging with creative techniques in their own way - I see myself as a creative guide, rather than 'instructor'. I love to see how the creative process comes alive with each child's individuality and self expression.



* Additional dates may be added - please contact me if you're interested in a different day or time.