Artist Statement

I am an abstract expressionist artist in pursuit of wonder. My creative process is instinctive and spontaneous, playful and experimental. It is experiencing the art of wonder that motivates me the most. It is the act of creation, the process itself, which I am drawn to.


My work varies between a range of surfaces, sizes and mediums – using whatever my hands are drawn to in the moment. This may include acrylic, ink, pastels, pencil and more. I have been increasingly drawn to the world of abstraction in recent years, exploring what I like to consider ‘inner landscapes’ – paintings of the soul.


My work is inspired greatly by the natural and metaphysical worlds and for me these go hand in hand. Through layers of colour, mark making and texture, my work explores the contrasts of macro and micro – whether the intricacies found in nature or the infinite nuances of emotion.


Through my art I hope to create an invitation to myself and to others to explore emotional, energetic and physical realties with a sense of wonder and curiosity… and to simply appreciate the imperfect beauty of life.