The Wonder of Paint

Term 3 Art Class

Do you want your child to...

Develop a love of art and the creative process?

Have the freedom to explore ideas through art?

Have access to beautiful, good quality, art materials and

learn painting techniques and skills in a fun and pressure free environment?


Who is the class for? Children 4years +

Where? The Wild Atelier, Blackheath

When? Wednesdays & Thursdays

27th July - 15th September (8 weeks)

The Wonder of Paint is a weekly Wild Atelier art class. This class is an opportunity for your child to delve into the magical world of acrylic paint. We will also at times explore other materials and mediums, as I love to allow for curiosity and to offer the children materials that light them up. The Atelier (my studio) is a place where I hope all children will feel welcomed, valued, comfortable and free to embrace their own unique creativity.


A note on materials!

I provide high quality art materials, as I strongly believe in the value this gives children. Using high quality materials gives children the opportunity to explore greater possibilities. It also gives them higher levels of success and satisfaction (have you ever tried colouring with a crayon that doesn't work properly? or paint with paint that is too thin and watery? It is very hard to use successfully!). I also believe that children deserve opportunities to engage with quality materials as it suggests that they are valued, trusted and respected. 


Over the term we will explore some of the possibilities of this medium, including: colour mixing, mark making, composition, imagery and symbolism, contrast and how to put these all together to create their own unique artworks. 


Each weeks class will be adjusted to build on the individual children's needs and capabilities in order to create the most meaningful experience possible.

This is a great class to help build confidence in their own creative abilities, without the pressure of having to "get it right". This art process is all about learning to embrace their own inner artist, not imitating someone else's. Throughout the term, your child will create an art portfolio of ideas and techniques they have learnt as well as their own painting which they will add to each week. 

This class follows my own creative process, broken down into 'bite size' pieces to make it super accessible to each child. Offering children opportunities to use art as a language for making meaning is one of my greatest passions as an early childhood teacher + artist. 

I'm a qualified and experienced Early Childhood Teacher, with current working with children checks and first aid.


WEDNESDAY Drop off is 3.30pm and class runs til 5pm (1 1/2 hrs)
THURSDAY Drop off is from 3.15pm and the class runs til 4.45pm (1 1/2 hrs)


I can't wait to help your child's creative spirit thrive... book their spot below!