Mumma Nurture

art session | Sunday 21st July

Blackheath, Blue Mountains

You give SO much to your little ones.

You hold so much in your arms, in your heart, in your mind.

The mental load is REAL.

Always trying to stay a few steps ahead to make sure everyone has everything they need.

You know EVERYTHING has a flow on effect. 

How often do you make time and space for YOURSELF?

Because that has a flow on effect too.

It is time to Nurture YOU, Mumma.

Lovely Mumma, I SO want you to have the chance to put the spinning plates down and take a pause.

I so want you to see how giving yourself a little bit of creative time can energise you.

How it can create such a beautiful and powerful shift in your mind and heart. 


I want you to feel seen, heard, valued. 

To finally feel FREE to be however you ARE in the moment. 

Without judgement. 

I want this to be a space you can feel completely cared for and nurtured.


This is a place to acknowledge, release and reclaim!


It doesn’t matter if you have NEVER picked up a paintbrush before…

I promise you there’s something waiting for you on that canvas.

Is there a part of your soul that yearns for a creative outlet?

A place for expressing allll the things that you are holding inside?

The good, the bad, the ugly… it is all welcome!


What would it feel like if you had

the tools, time, space and gentle guidance

to give something back to your creative heart? 

What will the sessions look like?

The Mumma Nurture art sessions will be

once a month at The Wild Atelier (aka my studio), in Blackheath.

Each session is $65. I will provide all materials included as well as

some delicious food to share.

These sessions will be a small gathering, max six!

A safe place to connect, share and feel inspired.

To nurture your creative soul.

To have someone hold the space for you to explore your own creative energy

with complete freedom - no pressure, no mistakes, no right or wrong. 

















Having been to the depths of postnatal depression and anxiety after my first baby,

I know all too well how dark some days as a Mumma can be.

I know how it feels to feel as though you’ve lost yourself inside this rollercoaster of parenthood.

I am beyond excited to see how this creative process nurtures you back to yourself.

It is such an honour to share my art process with fellow mummas especially…

I CAN NOT WAIT to share it with you. 

Spaces are limited - please reach out if you have any questions at all, or go ahead and book below!


So much love,