Inner Landscapes

art box & live course




Do you feel yourself craving time to be creative?

Perhaps you don't know where to start.

Or what materials to buy.

Maybe you don't feel confident enough...

or wish you had someone to help guide you a little.

Perhaps it's hard to carve out the time on your own.

Creativity can have a deep impact on your life.

It doesn't matter if you've never picked up a paintbrush before!

You don't need to be in it to create a new career or even to create a masterpiece...

It's all about the process!

It's the act of creativity that reveals the magic.

It's the process that will allow you to

explore your own Inner Landscapes.

Think of this process as a practice ground for your life...

a place to explore a way of showing up with intention,

flexibility, compassion, non-attachment and playfulness.

The best bit?

I'm here to help you.

Think of me as your very own gentle guide!

A curated art box plus a live online course. 

(*NOTE: It is very likely this will be the only live round!!)


Receive high quality art materials delivered to your door.

 Beautiful prompt cards based on my own painting process to guide you through the process. 

AND there will be four live zoom sessions with me. These will also be recorded for you.

The live sessions will focus on mindset as well as the painting process.

All the things I have learnt over the years to move through the creative process...


Using wonder and curiosity to guide you. 

Practicing the art of letting go. 

Allowing yourself to be open to mystery.

Tuning into your own creative energy.

Being open to possibility.


I am deeply passionate about this creative process.

I know first hand how much it can teach you about yourself...

This process is a beautiful mirror for life 

and an opportunity for soul expansion.

I am so excited to see you dive into your own beautiful creative path, and can't WAIT to see what you create.


This live round has limited spaces so I can make sure I am 100% present for your journey.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions - I always love to chat! Or book your spot below.