Wild Atelier Art Boxes

Do your kids love getting creative and making art?

Would you like to encourage them to develop their interest further?

Do you want them to be able to have creative experiences at home? 


BUT... you don't know where to start?

Or you don't have the time?

Feeling daunted or overwhelmed?

Maybe the idea stresses you out or leaves you anxious because you don't feel confident creatively yourself (maybe you were once told you aren't "creative" - which isn't true by the way).


 It just feels like another mess to clean up. 

You feel like you don't have the time or energy amongst all the other demands of the normal chaos of life anyway?


What if it wasn't so hard to get started?


What if someone gathered all the things your child needed to create something beautiful?


The Wild Atelier art boxes come with all the materials needed! Each box comes with specific materials (such as carefully selected acrylic paints, a variety of surfaces, brushes and tools) to help your child create their own process painting  - pure creativity, fun!


It's not as hard as you might think... 

PLUS, I'm here to help!


I've created prompt cards and video tutorials to guide your child through my own painting process.


Each video compliments the prompt cards to make it super clear and easy to follow.


I share tips and techniques for developing their creative skills as well as building their confidence and a positive mindset. 

The prompt cards and the videos take the guess work out so your child can focus on just having fun with the creative process, without wondering "what to do next".

You also have access to me for any help along the way through our private Facebook group - you can ask any questions at any time, share your child's experiences, connect with other families or just come to find additional inspiration.


Think of it as an invitation to create with your children in your home, without all the stress of organising it. 


Why give the gift of creativity

Art has so many benefits for early childhood development and learning as a whole, and as a teacher I believe it is one of the greatest gifts we can offer children - the materials and tools for expression, and the opportunity to learn how to trust their own creative ideas. That's why I've curated the Wild Atelier art boxes, drawing on my knowledge of education and children's learning and my experience as an artist. 


"Art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas, 

themselves, and to explore what is possible"

(Maryann F. Kohl). 



These boxes are an invitation to slow down and to CREATE!


They are designed to be a creative experience that can be revisited over a period of time as you build up layers of mark making, colour and texture. Even if it is 15 minutes each week, a beautiful chance to connect together as a family and be creative. 

Have any other questions? Feel free to ask away! Shoot me an email at meredith@thewildatelier.com.au - I am so happy to chat.

Wild Atelier Art Box

Wild Atelier Art Box

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