Affirmation Cards (set of 8)

Affirmation Cards (set of 8)



I know it's hard to find moments for yourself. 
To slow down when there is ALWAYS something demanding your attention.

These cards are an invitation to bring some moments of intention to your day. 

They are here to offer you a moment to refocus, shift your energy and find your centre. 


Keep them for yourself, or use as cards to gift to someone else as beautiful reminders that they matter too.


I created these cards because the process of using affirmations is something that has supported me over the years, especially as a mumma! 


There are 8 beautiful cards in each set. The artworks are from my 'Where the River Meets the Sea' series, which is all about finding your own rhythm and moving forward with strength, grace and ease. 


Each set comes with a handmade wooden stand for displaying your chosen card.


The 8 Affirmations include:

I deserve time to nourish myself
I allow myself to rest
I offer myself love and compassion
I am worthy; I ask for what I desire

I allow myself to be curious and playful
I open myself to possibility
I move through the day with gentleness and grace
Everything has it's own time. I trust the flow of life.

These cards have been produced on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. They will be lovingly packaged using environmentally friendly materials - no plastic!