Where the River Meets the Sea 4

Where the River Meets the Sea 4


This series is inspired by the idea of water and the way it naturally flows around obstacles, weaving its path....


"Surrendering to the way things are, allowing each moment to pass without trying to hold onto it... Accepting the permanently impermanent nature of things opens us to a true sense of self and a wider world; learning to let things run over us...."
(Victoria Alexander, Real).


This is an idea that often emerges in my work and contemplation, so it felt quite natural that this series came into being.  


These paintings have been created with many layers of love and detail. They are created on 100% cotton rag, handmade, Khadi papers, which have the most beautiful texture. I've left them as they are as I love the raw messy edges, smeared with paint, imperfectly perfect. They are roughly A5 in size.


You can choose to pair this with a beautifully handcrafted hanging frame, as pictured, or leave it as is to frame however you wish. These frames are handmade locally and are assembled with magnets.