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Creativity can bring a bit of spark back into your home and it's a JOY to offer that to you!


Whether that's through adding beautiful art on your walls or diving into your very own creativity, I'm here to help!

Here's your invitation

Step into your own wild garden of possibility, hope and inspiration.

I believe that we are all creative beings. 

Sometimes we just need a little guidance to step out of our own

way and rediscover it.

You can find more info about classes/workshops, art boxes, original work and other creative goodness below, or through the menu at the top of the page! 

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what people say

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and gained a lot from our session. I feel much more trusting of myself and less afraid to leap into my art, knowing I am truly supported on all levels. Your session gave me a lot more confidence. You also inspired me to set up a proper comfortable space, music included. Ill send you a shot of it. 

Thanks also for the paint advice I will certainly order from blick. I am going to take your good advice re the art journalling too. I will make up a bank of sketches of shapes and objects that I can use in my artwork.  I'm sure that will improve my drawing skills as well." 


- Krystyna Hickey


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about the Wild Atelier

I'm Meredith (but you can call me Mem!) - artist, early childhood teacher and mumma of two. I created The Wild Atelier to bring together all the things I love most to offer you inspiration, colour and creativity for your home. 

My invitation for you is to step into your own wild garden of possibility, hope and inspiration through colour and creativity. I believe that we are all wildly creative beings, though sometimes we need a little guidance to step out of our own way and discover it. Painting has been a liberating experience for me (especially as an introvert!) and I'm so happy to be able to share it with you.

To Create

It wasn’t until I left school I picked up a paintbrush to answer that deep yearning to just make something. It was a form of meditation, searching, questioning, making sense of myself and exploring the satisfaction of just being in the process of creation. It took me a while to find a creative voice that seemed to really ‘fit’…


Now, the act of painting fills me with curiosity, wonder, joy and an insatiable desire to see the raw potential and possibility within each moment - the imperfect beauty of the everyday. It is a spontaneous, playful and authentic process of being present, open and aware. I am increasingly drawn to the world of abstraction, exploring what I like to consider ‘inner landscapes’ – paintings of the soul. A return to the 'wild' so to speak.


I've come to discover that most often the magic happens on the canvas when I open myself up to wonder. You can read more about my art process here: artist statement. My work is also available here!

To Inspire

My role as an atelierista in my teaching career was a life changing one. I had the privilege of working with small groups of children in the beautiful atelier within our centre. Together we explored theories and wonders of the world through artistic and aesthetic languages. Teaching children has always given a certain light and perspective on life for me. Seeing the world through a child's eyes is like an invitation to see things in their rawest most naturally wild state, without the inhibitions that often come with adulthood. My experience as a teacher was the inspiration behind the creation of The Wild Atelier art boxes and art classes for children.

To Connect

Becoming a mumma changed me in ways I could never have imagined and given me a totally different perspective on life. Knowing first hand how challenging it can be, I wanted to shift the focus of what I offer to support mummas and their families too. I have art sessions for mums to offer a space to create, be inspired and to connect with other mums too. I also have a number of other classes and workshops available throughout the year.

So, welcome to The Wild Atelier. I hope you find something here to help bring inspiration, colour and creativity into your home. It is my hope that through this you can experience moments of quality connection as a family, as well as a home that feels inspiring and uniquely yours. Please reach out if you have any questions - I would love to connect with you.

"I encourage the child within me and I am always waiting for surprises" 


- Margaret Olley

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We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land that we are lucky to live, create and learn on, the Darug and Gundungarra people. We acknowledge that this land, and all land in Australia, was and always will be Aboriginal land.

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